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West Gun Shoot


The wild west a gun and a gang of outlaws.

If you are a gamer who interested in cowboy, western, duel or wild west shooter games, this game is for you!

To win the challenge with the Dalton Brothers gang you have to be a very fast gunslinger;
too slow and they'll be measuring you for a pine box.

Before hunting the outlaws, train in the desert by shooting bottles and jars.

Become a sharpshooter, when you are fast enough you can face the gang of Dalton outlaws.

You have what it takes to become the fastest gunslinger around and win the challenge.


• Skill-based gameplay! Anyone can be fast, but it’s accuracy that counts.
• Ability to skip the level by blowing up the gang with dynamite.
• Be careful to hit the right target otherwise you will have to start the challenge again
• Become a sharpshooter by breaking all the bottles in a level without dropping the jar.




 level training

 prestart training

prestart training