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Inspired by one of the best vintage games but simpler and easier to play. 

Challenge your friends to an addicting arcade game and share the results with them.

Game play

The player guides the titular Willy through a maze to eat dots; when all dots are eaten, Willy is taken to the next level.

Four virus, roam the maze, trying to catch Willy  if a virus touches him, a life is lost.

When all lives have been lost, the game ends.

Near the corners of the maze are four larger  dots (Super dots)  provide Willy with the temporary ability to eat the virus.

The virus turn deep blue, reverse direction When a virus is eaten, its eyes return to the virus home where it is regenerated in its normal color.

The blue virus turns white before it becomes dangerous again.

In addition to points and Super points, bonus items appear in the maze.

These items get extra bonus points when eaten.

Items change and bonus values increase throughout the game.

Scoring system

Dot - 10 points, Super dots - 50 points,

Vulnerable virus:

1 in succession - 200 points,

2 in succession - 400 points,

3 in succession - 800 points,

4 in succession - 1600 points.

Bonus:Cherry: 100 points,

Strawberry: 300 points,

Orange: 500 point, 

Apple: 700 points,

Melon: 1000 points,

Galaxian flagship: 2000 points,

Bell: 3000 points,

Key: 5000 points.

Every 10000 points you earn an extra life to complete the level




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